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Etiqa Takaful Car Protection

Etiqa does understand the worries of a car owner and any accident, for no fault of your own can render your vehicle useless and cause tremendous losses to you. To help you with any unfortunate car accident, the Etiqa Comprehensive Private Car Takaful makes sure that your claims are settled as quickly as possible, so that your vehicle can be back on the road again and minimum inconvenience is caused.

What is covered under the Comprehensive Private Car Takaful?

Loss or Damage to your vehicle, in circumstances:
Accidental Collision even if caused by mechanical breakdown or normal wear and tear
Falling Objects unless caused by flood, storm, or natural disaster
Fire, Explosion or Lightning
Burglary, Break-In or Theft
Malicious Act

When In Transit (including loading and unloading) by road, rail or inland waterway


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