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Etiqa Takaful Personal Accident Protection

At Etiqa Takaful, we ensure to deal with people individually and make sure that their needs are taken care of because we are well aware of the fact that the wants and priorities of different individuals are different.

We give you an affordable amount to provide financial coverage during times of emergencies, thereby securing you & your family’s future financially.
The Etiqa Takaful Personal Accident offers coverage for personal accidents to any person aged between 18 and 65 years, and also provides group coverage for organizations, companies, schools & higher education institutions.

Death caused by accident
Instant death or death caused due to an accident within six months of the occurrence of such accident.


This basically means the permanent disability which is a result of the accident due to which the victim is rendered incapable of working, which stops him from earning his own means of living. A pre-requisite here is that the disability should persist for a continuous period of not less than 6 (six) months. For instance, loss of limbs, or loss of eyesight is considered as a total permanent disability.

Total Temporary Disability (Weekly Benefits)
The Total Temporary Disability refers to a disability which the person is unable to be employed or work or to earn his living due to temporary disability. This scheme delivers benefits on a weekly basis up to one hundred and four (104) weeks.

Partial Temporary Disability (Weekly Benefits)

This disability refers to the kind which affects certain parts of the body of the victim. Furthermore, this scheme is extended in order to incorporate weekly benefits up to a hundred and four (104) weeks and we will cover all the medical expenses related to the treatment of the body parts subject to the upper limit.