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Fulfill your 5 pillars of Islam

According to the 5 pillars of Islam, it is mandatory for every healthy Muslim who is in a position to perform Haj, should be the Guest of God for a minimum of one time during his/her lifetime. Haj is known as the biggest pilgrimage which occurs every year. Haj demonstrates the power of solidarity Muslims show, as a way of submission to God. It is a memorable journey of forgiving, the most simple form of Jihad and also another possibility of starting anew and fresh.

Haj is a milestone journey for the Muslims and it requires thorough planning. It is needed to make sure that you are prepared spiritually, mentally and the most importantly, financially. You should start preparing from now onwards so that you can reach your final destination.

Making your spiritual journey a reality

Mabrur is basically a Takaful savings and a complete protection plan which will complement your preparation for Umrah and Haj. Etiqa gives a One stop solution to you so that you can plan for Haj and Umrah in a better way. We see that the process to open your Tabung Haji account & registration for Haj is made after the first Cash Payment. In this plan, you can open your Tabung Haji account without incurring any charges.

According to this plan, Cash Payments are payable at the culmination of third Certificate year and from then onwards every year, a Cash Payment of 10% is given in the third year. This benefit of Cash Payment will be accumulating in your Tabung Haji account which will be useful for the fulfillment of spiritual plans and other necessities which you have planned for your family and loved ones. This plan also gives complete protection for both the Person Covered and the Participant and another feature is the flexible option to decide your tenure ranging from 20 - 30 years.

Key benefits

  • Start growing your savings

  • Enjoy a fixed Cash Payment of up to 10% of Basic Sum Covered. The Cash Payment will be paid to you at the end of every year, starting 3 years after the certificate commencement date.
    * For certificate term below 30 years, the total fixed Cash Payments received is lesser than 123%

    All fixed Cash Payments will be auto credited to the Person Covered’s Tabung Haji account to save up for Hajj or Umrah and other future plans. Upon maturity, an additional fixed Cash Payment of 10% of the Basic Sum Covered is payable to the Person Covered. 

  • Maturity Benefit

  • Upon survival of the Person Covered at the end of the Takaful term, the accumulated value in Participants’ Investment Fund (PIF) including PIF profit and Participants’ Risk Fund (PRF) surpluses, if any, that have been allocated to the Participant shall be payable.

Comprehensive Protection Coverage

  • Death Benefit

  • Upon Death of the Person Covered due to natural or accidental causes, the amount of Sum Covered, Funeral Expenses of RM1,000 plus accumulated value in PIF, including any profit from its investment (if any) shall be payable. 

  • Double Indemnity on Accidental Death

  • We provide an additional 100% of Basic Sum Covered payable upon Death of the Person Covered up to age 70 next birthday, due to accidental causes whilst performing Hajj or Umrah at Makkah or Madinah.

  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit

  • Upon TPD of the Person Covered before age 65 next birthday, the amount of Sum Covered plus all accumulated value in PIF, including any profit from its investment (if any) shall be payable.

    If the aggregate Sum Covered payable (per person covered) is up to RM1 million, it shall be paid in one lump sum. Should the Sum Covered be more than RM1 million, then the balance of Sum Covered shall be payable one (1) year after the first payment was made, subject to the terms and conditions stated in Takaful Certificate.

  • Badal Hajj Benefit

  • Upon an unfortunate event of Death or TPD before performing Hajj, We will ensure that the Person Covered Hajj obligation is fulfilled by paying RM3,000 as Badal Hajj benefit. This benefit is only applicable if Hajj Allowance is not claimed and the Person Covered age must be 16 next birthday and above. For TPD, the Person Covered must not exceed age 65 next birthday.

  • Hajj and Umrah Allowances*

  • For performing Hajj and Umrah, one time RM1,000 will be payable respectively. If the Person Covered performs Hajj and Umrah together at the same time, only Hajj allowance will be paid. The Hajj and Umrah allowances cannot be claimed in the same certificate year and subject to twelve (12) months intervals from the last claim made.

  • Ihsar Benefit*

  • When the Person Covered is in the state of Ihram and is prevented from performing Hajj or Umrah due to medical condition, we will pay Benefit of up to RM1,000 throughout the coverage term for the reimbursement of the cost of sacrificed animal.

  • Child Guardian Allowance*

  • When performing Hajj, the Person Covered will have a peace of mind as his or her children will be looked after. A one time Child Guardian allowance of RM1,000 is payable. The child must not exceed age 18 next birthday.

    * The certificate must be in-force for at least 5 years and all contributions due are paid



For detailed plan features, please download the brochure below.

Etiqa Takaful Mabrur Brochure