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A plan which will save and protect your future!

You can begin saving today and be protected for tomorrow.

We often think of the happiness which we feel by the moment. So in order to make sure that such moments stay as a continuous occurrence in our lives, it is necessary to prepare our family and ourselves from unexpected happenings. The preparation should be in the form of appropriate savings. With a right approach and protection plan, we can see that the future of our families is protected even though we are not with them.

“Malaysians don’t save properly and they aren’t prepared to see financial meltdown in case they become unemployed or retrenched. As per the latest research by CIti’s Financial Quotient (Fin-Q) 2008 survey, 12% of Malaysians say that they cannot save anything. When they lose their job and with continuous regular expenses, every one person among five says that their savings will last probably for four weeks only. It means on an average, Malaysians are reported to have in reserve, only 11 weeks’ worth of savings.”

Total protection along with additional long term benefits

Karisma is basically a Takaful protection & savings plan. It has a feature, wherein a cash payout of up to 10% of the Basic Sum Covered is payable for every 2 years through the period of the contract. It offers flexible coverage for the participant and persons covered. The tenure period for the plan is 20 & 30 years.

Key Benefits

Riders for person covered

Riders for Participants

Key Features

Basis of Contract

Tabarru concept has been applied to this plan wherein the participant consents to the contribution or donation of a certain portion of the contribution made to the PRF (Tabarru’ Fund) for the sake of mutual assistance and aid to the needs of the participants.

This plan also considers the concept of Wakalah wherein the participant proposes the Takaful operator to take action on their behalf for the purpose of managing and investigating both PIF and PRF. The fee for Wakalah is taken from the contribution. The remaining money will be placed in PIF and PRF.