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Aspires for a bright future

All of us have aspirations –a bigger car, a comfortable retirement or a better home. Smart individuals like you will know the significance of savings which is meant for a secured future. However sometimes, you might meet with unexpected happenings which will wash away all your savings.

As per statistics, every hour 19 persons are admitted to hospitals. Around 1035 persons succumb to the injuries because of accidents and several others will be leaving their families penniless without savings. You have to plan for a secure future as life is always filled with uncertainties.

You can protect the future of your family and aim for a better lifestyle

Harmoni assists you in meeting your aspirations, which will provide savings and protection right from RM70.00 of contribution every month. If you require money in between, you are permitted to withdraw some of the money from the Participant Investment Fund. Harmoni policy will give you assurance and flexibility to manage your finances without any compromise on your Takaful coverage.

During unfortunate times, your family will be given the total Sum Covered, which will assist them in relieving financial worries. Harmoni is such a policy where you can stay assured about the people you care for as their financial needs are taken care of.


For more information, you can download the brochure below

Etiqa Takaful Harmoni Brochure