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We offer a plan for your health

In today’s fast growing world, the true investment of our resources would be for protecting our health. If you are healthy, you can travel, discover new things, and spend quality time with your folks. But many times, health is not given due importance while moving forward in life. The Ultra Medic Rider is devised in a way which will bring your attention to your health. It means you need not worry about any medical needs and could lead a healthy lifestyle.

In today’s world, we face the challenge of increasing medical costs every year and it is this fear of expensive medical bills which will force you to think again when you want to find for a quality healthcare provider at times of necessity.

“In Malaysia, every year, medical inflation is around 15%. To further explain a simple surgery for appendicitis which was costing RM1800 three years back will now cost RM3, 000”.

“Medical bills increase every year and outpace the general inflation. Therefore a question arises whether healthcare is meant only for those people who can meet the expenses”.

Plan for your health

The Ultra Medic Rider will give you assurance related to your healthcare. It covers both hospital surgical costs and it offers a complete coverage of medical costs up to RM 1,500,000 in your lifetime. Moreover, it even offers 5 various plans which will be suitable for your requirements and budget.

Key benefits

The Ultra Medic Rider provides some of the unique benefits which are all listed below:

Medial second opinion

At times when you seek a treatment for an ailment, you will always think about a second medical opinion for confirmation and assurance. Through this second medical opinion feature, you could in fact send your medical records to those who specialize in the diagnosis to any one of the suggested top medical institutions all over the world. In this manner you can get the opinion of the medical experts who are specialists and you will have a chance to compare it with the current diagnosis.

After you submit your medical files to one of the chosen medical centers, you and your local doctor will be receiving a copy of the suggested second opinion. You can discuss the issue with your physician and then decide the treatment needed for your ailment.

No Claim Bonus

For protecting your health and not claiming any insurance in the past year, we give a reward of 5 percent of the rider’s contribution. It will be given from the third certificate onwards.

No Co-Takaful

At the time of your recovery from illness, you should not worry about anything. We at Etiqa, offer to pay for the treatment of your illness in full as per the plan who have accepted, so that you need not worry about paying a part of the treatment cost.

Cashless Admission Card

The Ultra Medic Rider gives you an admission card by which you can access the benefits of the plan. It is an all-in-one card which is simple to use and makes sure that whenever you check-in or discharge from the listed panel hospitals, it will be hassle free and cashless.


For detailed plan features, please download the brochure below.

Etiqa takaful Ultra Medic Rider Brochure